Here are some ideas for what can be done to improve your system to make it more efficient, save money on fuel bills and cut your carbon footprint.


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Controls are one of most important parts of the heating system as they allow user control, regulation of temperatures and getting the most of the energy that is put into the system.


Any system can be upgraded with the right controls. These could be:


Converting your heating system

to a fully pumped system utilizing room and cylinder thermostats and a programmer to seperate hot water and heating


Programmable room thermostats

that not only control when the heating comes on, they also control what temperature is required at that given time


Thermostatic radiator valves

fitted to radiators can control the room temperature in individual rooms and are especially useful in bedrooms and disused rooms


Intelligent room thermostats and sensors that detect the temperature of the room, or even the outside temperature and adjust the actual boiler temperature to suit, this saves gas on warmer days where the house doesn't need warming up as much. These can save around 11% on fuel bills over standard "on/off" thermostats.



There are many varieties of central heating boilers on the market to suit different sizes and types of systems.


    A good "straight swap" option for many boilers in the uk, and so are a good cost effective option. These boilers keep the hot water cylinder separate and keep the header tank, (normally fitted in the loft).


    System boilers are a step further than open vented boilers as they utilize a sealed system and have a pump built in. These systems do away with the header tank in the loft, but still keep the seperate hot water cylinder.

  • Combination boilers

    Combination boilers do away with the hot water cylinder and header tanks altogether, meaning all your hot water and heating is provided from one appliance.

All the above are available as a condensing boiler which can give efficiencies of around 90%.


The key to choosing the right boiler is to understand what your hot water and heating demands are.



If your system suffers from cold spots, is slow to heat up, or even if you are having the boiler replaced it may be worth getting the system powerflushed.


This involves connecting a high flow rate pump to the heating system and flushing the system backwards and forwards to loosen and remove the debris that builds up within a heating system.


This is used in conjunction with chemical cleansers and magnetic filter to remove debris and replace with fresh water. This water is then treated with inhibitors to stop build up in the future.


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