We had a combi boiler and a solar panel fitted earlier this year. MJM Plumbing were extremely professional and friendly, the job and all options available were explained to us beforehand. The work was completed efficiently and explained thoroughly. Since having the new boiler and solar panel system installed, our gas bill has significantly reduced. We are very happy with both the service we received and our new system.

We would absolutely recommend MJM Plumbing!


Mr R.D. Waddington


Solar Water heating is the means of collecting the energy

from solar radiation (or sunlight) to heat water.


The purpose of this is to:

/ Reduce annual fuel bills

/ Reduce dependence on fossil fuels

/ Cut carbon dioxide emissions (produced when fossil fuels are burnt)


what is solar water heating?


Some of our solar panel installations


Overall a solar water heating system will provide up to 60% of hot water energy usage. This generally averages out to 25% in winter, 50% in spring and autumn, and up to 100% in summer.


The remainder is heated up by the auxiliary or back up heater, whether this be a heating boiler or immersion heater.


Solar radiation falling onto a solar collector heats up a fluid. This fluid is pumped to a hot water cylinder where heat is transferred to the water within via a heating coil. The fluid then returns to the solar collector to absorb more heat and the process continues.


Solar water heating systems utilise either flat plate or evacuated tube collectors.  Flat plate collectors consist of one large aluminium plate, coated in a selective coating and insulated. Flat plate collectors come with options to fit in portrait or landscape orientation, and fitted on roof, with mounting brackets, or fitted in roof with weatherproof dressings.


Evacuated tube collectors consist of a series of glass tubes filled with a vacuum. Inside each glass tube a u-pipe transfers solar energy to the solar fluid. Evacuated tubes are mounted vertically (portrait) and fitted on roof (with mounting brackets).


There are also options to fit panels on a flat roof with a mounting bracket, or mounted to wall.


In all systems a hot water storage vessel is required to absorb heat from the panels. This can be a traditional vented unit, as fitted in many UK homes, or an unvented unit which places the hot water on mains pressure and allows for a dry loft as no cold water tanks are required.


A combination boiler that is capable of accepting preheated hot water can also be used. This gives the best of both worlds of instant hot water when required and the energy saving capabilities of solar water heating.

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