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Here I will show you an example of what can be done to an average system to make it more efficient and comfortable, using my own system as an example.


In May 2011 we decided to upgrade the heating system and replace the 15 year old Worcester 24CDi combination boiler that was fitted previously.


The main issues with the old boiler were:

Standard efficiency boiler. A modern condensing boiler would be much more efficient


Open flued. The boiler was open flue with a vertical flue running through the loft and out through the roof. This meant the boiler needed fresh air ventilation through the house, causing draughts, and there was a possible hazard of spilling fumes from the flue.


No room thermostat. There was only a simple mechanical timer, meaning there was no control over house temperature.


No ability to be used in conjunction with solar water heating.


The new system we chose to replace the boiler with:


Worcester 12i System boiler. This boiler kept the heating system as a sealed system, similar to the combination boiler before, and utilised a room sealed flue system through the roof, which made the system safer and more comfortable


180 litre unvented cylinder. As we wanted to connect a solar water heated system to the hot water system, an unvented hot water cylinder kept the hot water on mains pressure and allowed a large store to soak up as much heat from the sun


Worcester FW100 weather compensating controller. This controller uses an external sensor which senses the outside temperature and adjusts the heating temperature to suit. This allows an even, constant temperature within the house. The controller is also used to control and check the solar system.


Worcester Greenskies solar system. We fitted one Greenskies flat plate solar collector on the roof. this was mounted “on roof” with roof hooks and rails. The pipework is fitted through the roof and weather proofed with high temperature coverings. Pipework is then run to the hot water cylinder.

  • Replacement Boiler / April 12th / 8.45am

    The customer wanted to replace the old boiler in the kitchen, which was open flued and not to current regulations. As the customer used a dishwasher and had an electric shower in the bathroom it was decided the best option would be to install a combi boiler. A Worcester CDI combi was fitted in the under stairs cupboard and new services run to it. pipework was altered in the old airing cupboard to suit. A digital wireless programmable room thermostat was fitted in the hallway. The system was also powerflushed in readiness for the new boiler


  • replacement boiler & cylinder / june 15th / 11.57am

    The boiler was about twenty years old and the customer wanted to replace it before the winter. They wanted to keep the hot water cylinder as there was still a family of five having plenty of baths and showers. We decided to fit a new Worcester system boiler in the utility and replace the cylinder with a new high recovery cylinder in same location. This can heat a full tank of water in roughly 20  minutes. Other pipework and control valves in the airing cupboard were adjusted to suit the new systemand the electrician wired up the new programmer and thermostats

  • new heating system / july 22nd / 7.43am

    This house used to have five electric storage heaters that were approximately thirty years old, and a direct hot water cylinder that was fed from the original solar panel. The decision was made to remove all the storage heaters and replace with a full heating sytem with radiators in all rooms. The customer wanted to still use the solar panel so the cylinder was replaced with a high efficiency twin coil cyinder for the solar and gas boiler. A high efficiency Worcester System condensing boiler was fitted with room and cylinder thermostats, and thermostatic radiator valves were fitted to all radiators.

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