Worcester produce a range of heating controls to compliment any heating system, including wireless and programmable room thermostats, load and weather compensating controllers and smartphone enabled controllers.

GreenSTORE unvented cylinders

Greenstore Unvented hot water cylinders are mains fed storage vessels, with many advantages, including mains pressure to all hot water outlets, excellent flow rates, and no tanks in the loft.


Cylinders are available in single coil for use with regular and system boilers, or twin coil for use with solar water heating systems and gas and oil back up.


Cylinders range in size from 90 to 300 litres.

All boilers come in a range of outputs to suit individual homes

and requirements.


Worcester also produce a range of supplementary products and controls, including single and twin coil unvented cylinders and heating controllers which integrate with the solar system.

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Greenskies solar water heating

Greenskies solar water heating panels can provide up to 60%* of your annual hot water requirements.


Greenskies Solar-Lifestyle panels

Solar-Lifestyle panels provide a high level of efficiency and versatile siting options - they are the optimum choice for all lifestyle requirements.


Greenskies Solar-Lifestyle (portrait)

Greenskies Solar-Lifestyle (landscape)


Greenskies Solar-Lito panels

Solar-Lito panels offer affordable solar hot water comfort. Versatile panel sizes combine to combat awkward roof shapes and spaces and can be accurately sized to suit our cylinder sizes.


Greenskies Solar-Lito

Greenskies Solar-Lito Mini


The Greenskies solar panels are designed to go with existing heating systems that use a cylinder to store hot water.

Worcester offer a range of gas and oil boilers in a range of outputs to heat your home comfortably and efficiently.

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As a Worcester Accredited Installer, we are accredited to install Worcester solar water heating panels and Worcester gas and oil central heating boilers to the highest standard.


As accredited installers we offer


Specialising in Worcester products

Extended guarantees on Worcester   Greenstar gas and oil boilerS of between 5 and 10 years, depending

on the product AND OPTIONS

Advice and prices on new Worcester

boilers and solar water heating


Central heating installation and

heating system tips

Boiler and solar servicing and


Boiler and solar repair or


Further information can be found at:


  • open vented boilers

    A good "straight swap" option for many boilers in the uk, and so are a good cost effective option. These boilers keep the hot water cylinder seperate and keep the header tank, (normally fitted in the loft).


    Available in ranges from 12Kw to 40Kw.

  • system boilers

    System boilers are a step further than open vented boilers as they utilize a sealed system and have a pump built in. These systems do away with the header tank in the loft, but still keep the separate hot water cylinder.


    Available in ranges from 9Kw to 35Kw

  • Combination boilers

    Combination boilers do away with the hot water cylinder and header tanks altogether, meaning all your hot water and heating is provided from one appliance.


    The Greenstar CDi Compact (gas) and Greenstar Heatslave II (oil) will also accept preheated hot water from other sources, including solar water heating systems and thermal storage vessels.


    Available in ranges from 25Kw to 42Kw and flow rates from 9 litres per minute to 20 litres per minute.

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